Howell Mountain vintner Joyce Black Sears: Measure C protects environment

St. Helena Star article by Tom Stockwell, published April 11, 2018

Photo by Tom Stockwell

Photo by Tom Stockwell

"Vintner Joyce Black Sears is a supporter of Measure C, as well as the co-owner of Black Sears Vineyards in Angwin. Her reasons for supporting Measure C, she says, runs as deep as her long history in the county and her love for her neighbors, her fellow citizens, her grandchildren and her environment.

Black Sears has witnessed 70 years of changes in the Napa Valley. She is a “natural ‘old-time’ home-grown environmentalist,” she said; born and raised in the valley. And she is a vineyard co-owner. These are the strong reasons she says she has become one of the proponents of Measure C."

She’s seen the county change from a multi-faceted agricultural community to one dominated by the monoculture of the wine industry and its insatiable need for wine grapes. She’s experienced the valley as a child growing up in the woodlands of the Napa Valley, and as an adult raising her daughter in a rural world of home-based agriculture. And, finally, she is a vineyard co-owner facing the challenges of limited water resources and the diminishing forest canopies that surround her property on Howell Mountain."

A wonderful article with lots of Napa Valley history in this St. Helena Star article by Tom Stockwell. Poignant reminders of what it was like to grow up in Napa Valley for locals who remember the "old days."  Read it all, and enjoy the photos, here: