Protecting Agriculture Requires Protection of Oak Woodlands

North Bay Business Journal Op Ed, April 10

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"What will the treasure that is the Napa Valley be like in 50 years? It all depends on what we do now. We need a balance and that ensures the needs and interests of Napa Valley residents are protected above those of a single industry.

We need the trees on Ag Watershed lands to clean and capture the water that supports the Ag Preserve. Rain falls and is caught in the tree canopy. It slowly enters the soil and recharges the aquifer below and replenishes our valley floor with clean abundant water for ag and residents alike.

Napa County’s land and water protection initiatives guard our soil and water from over-development, no matter which way the political winds blow. Right now, Napa County has a pro-development Board of Supervisors. Without this watershed protection initiative, further erosion of the Ag Preserve is inevitable. As community member and voters, we must be clear that endless development — whether for agriculture or housing — cannot be supported on our hillsides."

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