Protecting the Agricultural Preserve, Residents of Napa, Sustainable Land Use

Excerpts from the Initiative that convey the importance and intent of the effort to protect watersheds. 

Purpose:  Water affects the quality of life of every Napa County resident.  The purpose of this Initiative is to protect the water quality, biological productivity, and economic and environmental value of Napa County’s streams, watersheds, wetlands and forests, and to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare of the County’s residents. 

Water Quality Protection:  Natural areas along streams and wetlands play a critical role in protecting County water resources by reducing erosion, alleviating flooding, and improving water quality.  The County’s oak trees and oak woodlands also play a key role in sustaining healthy watersheds and water quality by reducing soil erosion, slowing runoff, capturing rainfall, improving the water holding capacity of soil, increasing nutrient retention, and mitigating flooding.  Preserving Napa County’s water resources is critical to the long-term health of its residents and their environment.

Protection of Streams and Wetlands:  Trees and vegetation along streams and wetlands filter water for municipal, rural and agricultural use, reduce water pollution, and provide important habitat for fish and wildlife.  This Initiative provides enhanced protection for these areas by preserving forest and riparian habitat along stream corridors and wetlands within the Agricultural Watershed zoning district. 

The Initiative builds upon prior effort to preserve Napa agriculture and the sustainability of our shared resources. It was developed with best knowledge from forestry management experts, hydrologists, draws on research compiled by governmental services as well as non-profits. It was drafted in collaboration with the leadership of the Napa Valley Vintners. 

Read the full text of the Initiative, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions, which are real questions put to the sponsors of the Initiative. 



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