Grower/Vintner Support for Measure C.


By the Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture - Letter to the Editor - As submitted to the Napa Valley Register.

We are very happy that the Watershed and Oak Woodlands Protection Initiative has been approved for inclusion as Measure C on the June ballot. We particularly like that this was named Measure C, as “C” to us stands for conservation, which we favor because our natural resources are not infinite.

Those of us who have come together now have a name – “Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture” – as we want to communicate to the citizens of Napa County that there are many of us in the grower and vintner community who support this initiative. Our focus is on stewardship of our watershed, and we recognize that Measure C gives the voters of Napa County the opportunity to ensure that our watershed is protected now and into the future.

The Agricultural Preserve came into existence in 1968 – its 50th anniversary is being celebrated in many ways this year. Though it was very controversial when it was created, and though it was considered legally uncertain, it has prevailed in all tests and it has protected Napa Valley for agriculture for the last half-century.

Measure C aims to offer protection to our agricultural watershed. Our watershed is the source of most of the water we use. We, as members of the vintner and grower community, understand how important a healthy watershed is to the citizens of Napa County, to our natural environment, and to the perpetuation of sustainable agriculture in our community.

To the latter point, we know that we have a right to farm, but we also know that it is our obligation to farm responsibly. It is for these reasons that Measure C has our fullest support.

Again, the question to be asked is, “Will the Napa Valley itself be better if this measure is passed?” We strongly think so.

Yeoryios Apallas, Soda Creek Vineyards

Andy Beckstoffer, Beckstoffer Vineyards

Gove Celio, Winemaker

Tom Clark, Clark Claudon Vineyards

Randy Dunn, Dunn Vineyards

Bob Dwyer, past Director of NVGG & NVV

Robin Lail, Lail Vineyards

Dick Maher, past NVV President

Beth Novak Milliken, Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery

Christian and Cherise Moueix, Dominus Estate

Joyce Black Sears, Black Sears Vineyard

Warren Winiarski, Arcadia Vineyards