Everyone benefits by saving watersheds.




Letter to the editor - Napa Valley Register by Olav E. Lejnieks



Opponents of C have lost all credibility. Why are current and former public officials colluding in this scheme to confuse the voters?They are so clearly serving some other interest than the public good with this strategy of outlandish, nonsensical claims - including, still, those they were forced to remove from the voter information pamphlet. We have to ask, loud and clear, who or what is being served?

"Not having a real or logical agenda upon which to attack this water security measure, the opponents of Yes on C are brazenly and irresponsibly attempting to confuse our voters. They are working diligently to remove the environmental issue that is Measure C from a comprehensive, environmental, ecological, bi-partisan issue that affects every living entity in the Napa Valley to one of issues solely of the wine industry.

The anti-watershed lobby appears to be desperate in protecting its issues, which they avoid honestly stating, and instead are focusing on the fears of the population of the valley. Their public relations team is attempting to disrupt honest dialogue with issues that have no bearing in reality. This measure is about water sustainability and its far reaching and broad effects on our water supply."

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