Measure C critics trot out same old arguments

Letter to the Editor by Kathryn J. Winter, May 27 2018



The arguments against Measure C are the same anti-regulation opinions I heard 20 years ago while serving on the Napa County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

As with all land-use battles, the moneyed interests that have fought proposed rules in Napa County are at it again trying to kill Measure C. Many writers of the No on C letters who now tout the benefits of the Conservation Regulations fought against them tooth and nail.

The calls for more science, new task forces, less regulation, trust in the “stewards of the land,” and my favorite – the possibility of lawsuits - ring hollow to me. They are simply delaying tactics.

I support Measure C for conservation, canopy protection, clean water, consistent water supply, and logical continuation of regulations that protect our precious, finite resources, oak woodlands and wildlife corridors. Please vote yes on C.

Kathryn J. Winter