Heads or tails?

Letter to the Editor by John Tully, May 25, 2018


A group of environment-friendly board members of the Napa Valley Vintners worked with Measure C authors and were satisfied with the finished document crafted by the same law firm that supplied the language for Measures J and P. Bulletproof.

Then the not-so-friendly branch of the Napa Valley Vintners, the ones Tom Wolfe would have a field day with, showed up. Arrogant as peacocks, complaining as jays, they undid the good work of their fellow members and instigated a campaign against Measure C that makes them look ridiculous.

Just look at their posters: it wouldn't be surprising to learn that Measure C will also cause male pattern baldness or erectile dysfunction. In a pasture studded with cow patties, they’ve stepped in every one. They even got caught peddling a barrow of untruths. The legal cost for that outing was $54,000.

"Bamboozle" is an interesting word. It means to trick, confuse, dupe, deceive. That’s what these Masters of the Universe, to use Tom Wolfe’s phrase, are trying to do to us, the electorate. Vote Yes on Measure C and accomplish what those environment-friendly vintners set out to do. Choose heads, not tails.

John Tully