It’s time to get a grip on Napa's future



California’s water challenges are only going to get worse. More drought, more major rain events with flooding, and more uncertainty.


What we really need are new approaches and reasoned action to create a sustainable water supply - especially when the state is recommending tunnels to divert water to Santa Clara. How do we make sure we have enough for us?

When it comes to water: sustainability = survival.

We must invest in our future now. We must invest in our watersheds.

The least expensive and most effective means of increasing water supply and water security is to retain and protect our watersheds. Watersheds that supply over 60 percent of our city’s water demand and replenish our groundwater basin.

Healthy oak woodlands are able to absorb and store more rain water, releasing it slowly over weeks rather than hours.

Did you know that one new treatment plant is expected to cost $20 million? Why spend millions to build treatment plants or improve/expand reservoirs when we can do better by protecting water at its source. Water for residents, water for businesses, and water for agriculture.

Your investment in our future = Your Yes vote on Measure C.

Eve Kahn, chair

Get a Grip on Growth