Opponents of C taken to court - statements "misleading at best"

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Our first priority at YES on C is helping voters understand the benefits this measure will bring to all of Napa County - residents, businesses, and agriculture alike by protecting our water now and into the future.

Unfortunately, our opponents are attempting to confuse and deceive the voters of Napa County rather than have an honest conversation about the merits of Measure C. (You have probably already seen some of their misleading statements on large signs around the Valley.)

In a further development this past week, the campaign was forced to take our opponents to court in response to disingenuous statements they are attempting to include in the Voter Information Pamphlet. Their egregiously misleading statements would be published and distributed on the taxpayers’ dime. The information submitted for the voter’s guide by the No on C campaign goes beyond attempting to persuade, and instead, in the words of the plaintiff, "clearly crossed a line ...into blatantly misleading Napa County voters."  We would prefer to focus on the benefits of protecting water and woodlands - but we don't think taxpayers should pay for voters to be deceived.

"Proponents of Measure C, intended to restrict the cutting of oak trees in the upper reaches of the county’s rural watersheds, have filed suit to force their opponents to change the wording of their official arguments against the measure. That official statement is included with the voter guide that will be sent to county residents along with their mail-in ballots.

“It feels as if the opponents have flipped every reality into an alternative fact,” said Mike Hackett, one of the authors of Measure C."


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