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Thanks so much to all of our supporters volunteering for Measure C.  Now, more than ever, we need to get the word out about Measure C to protect Napa County's water and trees.

Postcard Party!  Write postcards to voters and help Get Out the Vote. Please contact Chris: or (707)492-0089 
Canvassing and phone banking is very important: Talk with voters  and help GOTV on your own schedule. Contact Christian: or (315) 416-0217

Have a talent and a way to share your enthusiasm for Measure C? We love the creativity of our grassroots supporters! Share photos, songs, handmade signs, etc on Facebook or Instagram.  Use #YESonC #ProtectNapa and #NapaCounty.  Tag the Measure C Facebook site @protectnapawatershed or tag the Instagram site @protectnapawatersheds. 

Mail-in election making you feel lonely? Missing the company of your neighborhood polling station? Host a voting party! Gather some friends and vote together.

Contact Chris Benz at or (707)492-0089 for more info on how you can help! Thank you!


Reach out to friends and neighbors!

Send an email to all of your friend and neighbors who are Napa County voters - explain to them why you are voting Yes on C, and encourage them to also vote yes.

THIS is the most important thing we can do! 

  • Water is a limited resource. We must to protect the limited remaining oak woodlands to protect the quantity and quality of Napa County water supplies.
  • Measure C is good for agriculture. There is no wine without water. Protecting the quantity and quality of Napa’s water supply is the key to a long future for Napa wines.
  • Measure C is based on the best current science. The latest science demonstrates that setting buffer zones around streams and creeks is essential for protecting water quality and maximizing groundwater recharge.
  • Measure C builds on success. This initiative is a natural extension of Agricultural Preserve protections and Measures J and P.
  • Measure C is well written. The attorneys who drafted Measures J and P also wrote Measure C. Those initiatives have been easy to follow and enforce, and the same will be true of the protections provided by Measure C after it passes.



Napa County ballots must be dropped off or postmarked by June 5th. Don't wait too late! We need every YES vote to count. DROP OFF your ballots at a drop box or the Elections Office to avoid last-minute mail delivery glitches!

You can still register to vote right up to June 5th! Go to the Elections office or to a Vote Center to get your ballot.

Elections Office: 1127 1st St, Ste E, Napa, CA  94559

Click for drop-box locations 

Click for vote center locations

Thank you for all you are doing to protect Napa County’s water supplies by supporting Measure C!